The one thing that your guests will talk about long after your wedding reception is the entertainment. Not the centerpieces, decorations or food, but the entertainment is what your guests remember about your special day.



DJ Dancin’ Dan provides a “worry free” atmosphere at your reception. You can be assured your perfect day will run smoothly with DJ Dancin’ Dan behind the scenes. Remember this is your day, it will be carefully planned and designed to fit your needs, wants, and even your “not wants”. We work with you to develop an itinerary so you are able to feel confident and at ease at your wedding reception. We will work together from the couple’s first dance, to what type of dinner music, and even what kind of games and or dances you prefer. Party props like the Y.M.C.A. and Hawaiian leis will help to create a party atmosphere, if you choose.



DJ Dancin’ Dan provides music entertainment for a living, it is not something we do on the side, this is how we make a living and we strive to perfect every wedding reception. We make sure to keep in touch with our brides continuously to ensure that all the details are worked out and the music selection is appropriate to you and your guests.



DJ Dancin’ Dan is personable, helpful, and always willing to assist you with your reception plans. Feel free to contact us; day or night. Your entertainment is critical to the success of your wedding and we are dedicated to help you in any way possible.



DJ Dancin’ Dan is not only the disc jockey but the master of ceremonies. We work with all people involved in your day, for example the caterer, videographer, and photographer. The master of ceremonies directs and announces the important details of your wedding reception.



DJ Dancin’ Dan uses the newest and most professional grade equipment. We always have a back-up system on standby. From the lights, to the speakers, and digital sound, we are equipped to run smoothly. A wireless microphone is always present, so the toast can be given at the bridal table and not at the DJ booth. Tuxedos are always the attire for a wedding reception unless specified otherwise.



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